Latest News!

Latest News!

Beginners course 26-27’th of August

Welcome to beginners course the weekend of 26-27’th of August at Habibi from 12.00-14.00.
Price 800 NOK / 600 NOK for students. This also includes free entrance to the following 3 Monday lessons and milongas.
Sign-up by sending and e-mail to

We will be taking – SUMMER HOLIDAYS – 24’th of July to 20’th of August.
This means, no tango during this time period. Welcome back to regular classes from 21’th of August.

Musicality workshop and concert with El Cachivache orchestra.

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to learn more about tango music and musicality the 7’th of June when Tango Polar and the amazing El Cachivache orchestra hosts a musicality workshop at Tromsø Kulturhus. Later the same evening there will be a concert to which those who want to can take the dance floor.

Get your tickets to the workshop here:

Get your tickets to the concert with Tango Polar discount at:

“El Cachivache Orkesta is currently one of the most popular tango groups and is widely recognized on the world music circuit. Sometimes called ‘Tango Punk’, the group is characterized by its undeniably creative, original, and very “danceable ” style. Some call them “modern buffoons”, others describe the music as “communal flat groove”, and both are true. El Cachivache serves up its music in a vigorous manner with a good dose of humor, mixing up overdriven traditional tango music with a post punk look, which simultaneously frightens and attracts the tourists. Witty song introductions emerged with the music, livening up already energetic performances. The band is very popular in its home city of Buenos Aires, playing around 90 concerts a year.”

Let us learn, evolve, grow, enjoy and celebrate tango together ❤️

Upcoming Courses!

We are hosting a weekend course for beginners Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of April 2023 taught by Kirsten and Vegard. For more information, click here: Courses

On Friday the 28th of April, 2023 there will be a course for somewhat more experienced dancers with Karsten and Tine as the teachers. For more information, click here: Courses

Saturday evening there will be a milonga (dance party), open for everyone who wish. The entrance is free.

Practica i Rødbankens festsal

Vi øver tango i Rødbankens festsal torsdag 9. februar kl 20-22. Alle velkommen, selv om du aldri før har danset tango. Gratis inngang og deltakelse.

Tangokonsert og dans på Kulturhuset

Den 7. juni kl 20.00 har Kulturhuset har satt opp konsert med tango-punk bandet El Cachivache fra Buenos Aires / Argentina! 🔥🔥🔥 De ønsker å tilby oss tangodansere spesialpris kun 230! Under konserten fjerner de stolene på de 5 første radene og lager til god plass for oss å danse. Ordinært salg går i gang onsdag 8. februar klokken 12:00. Men vi har muligheten å få biletter på forsalg her slik at vi kan sikre oss plass på første rad på konserten. Fra 8. februar blir det også mulig å bruke rabattkoden TANGO som vil gi samme rabatt på ordinærpris. Løp og kjøp!

Happy New Year!

Dear tangueros and tangueras, we wish you a very happy 2023! We will be starting up with tango already this Monday the 2’nd at Habibi from 19.00 to 22.00. We will not be having a lead class, but we will have a practica where we share experiences, practice together and teach eachother. Everyone is welcome, and it will be a perfect opportunity for those who have not been dancing for long to ask the ones who are more experienced for help and tips. From the 9’th we will continue as usual with classes from 19.00-20.00 and milonga afterwards.
We look forward to see you all.

Christmas Vacation!

We will now take a tango pause during the holidays. Thank you so much to all of our amazing dancers who have been dancing with us during this semester, the club wouldn’t be the same without you! We look very much forward to seeing you again in January 2023. We plan to start up again from the 9’th of January. Please remember that we will be changing the location to Habibi, and also the time will change to Mondays at 19.00-22.00.

Milonga in Rødbanken Sunday 11.12

This upcoming Sunday Let’s Integrate is arranging a milonga in Festsalen at Rødbanken from 17.30 to 20.30. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience, if you are curious about tango this is a great opportunity to see what it is all about. The entrance is absolutely free!!

Change of location!

In the new year we will be moving both time and place for our weekly classes.

From January 9’th 2023 we will be at Habibi Dancestudio, Mondays 19-22. We start with one hour class followed by social dancing.


Happy New Year!

Dear tangueros and tangueras, we wish you a very happy 2023! We will be starting up with tango already this Monday the 2’nd at Habibi

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